Bedroom Wall Art Ideas & Tips: Nikki’s Guide to Elevating Your Sleep Space with Wall Art

Wall Art is more than just a decorative element; it's a beautiful way to inject your personality and style into your bedroom. As an interior design fundi, I've always believed in the power of art & how it can truly transform a space. Here are my top 7 tips for incorporating art into your bedroom design.

1. Harmonizing your Wall Art & Decor Theme

Your art should always complement your existing design scheme & not clash with it. Whether drawing colour inspiration from your chosen artwork or selecting pieces that fit seamlessly into your current design, creating harmony is key.

2. Choose a “Statement” piece, and hang it above your bed

The bed is usually the centrepiece of any bedroom, and the wall space above it is prime real estate. Large statement pieces work best with a slightly lower headboard or if you don't have a headboard. They can create a focal point & add some drama.

3. Choose a Curated Pair or Set

A gorgeous pair or set of art prints can work beautifully hung above a headboard or the bedside tables on either side of the headboard if the headboard is too high. Print sets or pairs can also stand on a shelf above the headboard, alone or with some plants & family pics for a more eclectic/boho vibe.

4. Curate a Formal or Eclectic Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a fantastic way to showcase a variety of artistic styles and designs. They can create an eye-catching feature wall that celebrates your taste. Your gallery wall can be structured & formal or unstructured & eclectic. 

                Use a Grid Style Layout for a More Formal Look

When curating a collection of art prints for a symmetrical grid-style design, the theme & colours must be cohesive & work well together. Botanical & Floral prints, with complimentary colours & themes, work beautifully hung together in a grid-style layout. The spacing between the frames should be between 6-8cm, depending on how big or small your art prints are and how much space you want them to take up on the wall. We recommend that you get a professional picture-hanging company to do the installation so that the spacing is perfect.

            Use a Gallery Layout for a more Casual & Eclectic Look

A beautifully thought-out & styled informal gallery wall allows you to display some of your favourite prints in one place & create something visually interesting on a blank bedroom wall. You can mix and match frames & art styles, but we recommend keeping the colours & tone cohesive. Family photos can also be used to create a beautiful & deeply personal memory wall & can easily be added to over time.

5. Keep It Simple

Art doesn't always have to be dramatic & bold. Sometimes, a small, understated piece or collection can work better in a smaller or bedroom with a lot going on.



6. Use Artwork to add an Accent Colour

Wall art can be a great way to introduce a pop of colour & create contrast in a neutral-themed bedroom.

7. Creating Symmetry

Matching wall art, hung in pairs or sets, can be used to create a balanced & cohesive design. Consider hanging a gorgeous pair of matching botanical prints above your headboard or the bedside lamps. 


Transforming your sleep space into a work of art has never been easier with these helpful tips and tricks. Remember, the essence of a great bedroom design lies in the perfect blend of comfort and personal style. Incorporating wall art can do wonders for your space, giving it character, depth and visual interest. So, whether you opt for a large statement piece or a small, subtle arrangement, it's important to choose something that resonates with you. Let your bedroom tell your story through the art on your walls!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the best place to hang art in a bedroom?

The most common place to hang art in a bedroom is directly above the bed. However, consider placing it above the bedside tables or creating a gallery wall on a free wall.

What kind of art works best in a bedroom?

It depends on your taste. It could include abstract art, portraits, landscapes, or even photography. The key is choosing art you love, bringing tranquillity and peace into your sleep space.

Should all my wall art be the same style?

Not necessarily. Mixing and matching different styles can add interest and personality to your space. However, it's important to maintain a certain level of cohesiveness, whether that's through colour, theme, or style.

What size should the art be?

The size of your artwork should be in proportion to your wall. A large wall can accommodate a large statement piece or a gallery of smaller pieces. If you're hanging art above your bed, it shouldn't be wider than the width of the headboard or bed itself.

A large statement art print above the bed shouldn't be more expansive than roughly 65/70 % of the total width of the headboard. For pairs & sets, the same applies. Take the total width of your bed or headboard, whichever is wider, and out what 65 / 70% of that number is. Your pair or set, when hung together & between 7-10cm apart, should take up whatever that width is.

Can I use wall art to introduce colour into my neutral bedroom?

Absolutely! Wall art is a great way to add a pop of colour to your bedroom without overwhelming the space. It can also be easily swapped out if you change your colour scheme.